Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've been working like a mad woman on this year's haunt video, for the Home Haunter's DVD Collection/Awards, all week and I'm FINALLY finished!

We were very mindful about taking a ton of pictures, in order to capture the full feel of out haunt, so I had a LOT to sort though :)

I think that it came out great!  I'm very pleased and I hope that everyone that sees it enjoys watching it, as much as I enjoyed putting it together :)

As soon as it's on YouTube, I'll share it here with you guys :)

Oh and if you plan on submitting a video, don't fret!  The Jan. 31st deadline has been pushed back to Feb. 15th!

For more information go here: The Home Haunter DVD Collection

In the meantime, here's a picture of one of my favorite projects of 2012; the Gaston Leroux stone :)

Happy Haunting!!!
-The Countess

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Name Game

Just a fun video from one of the episodes of American Horror Story Asylum.  It's completely manic and I love it :)  Oh and if it remind a deranged Glee-like performance, it's because the director of American Horror Story is also the director of Glee ;)  How strange is that?

American Horror Story Asylum Finale Tonight

Season 2 of American Horror Story ends tonight. I'm anxious to see how all of the madness comes to an end, but I'll be sad to see it off the air until Season 3 premieres in October.  I must admit that I had my reservations about how the show was going to be developed in Season 2, after learning that it would be a totally different story from Season 1 and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked.

Season 1 was the ultimate haunted house story. "Murder House" was full of mysterious ghosts, each with their own disturbing tale of their deaths within the house, some derived from actual famous murders in history. The Harmon family is unaware of the house's reputation when they move in, but each week they, as well as the viewers, became more cued in that the house is something out of the ordinary.
Season 2 has been the ultimate creepy asylum story.  What's scarier than an insane asylum?  Better yet, what is scarier than an insane asylum run by a tough nun?  Remember that nun from your school days?  Not the sweet one, the mean one that everyone was afraid of that would yank you out of your desk by the ear?  Yeah think of her times 2 and that's Sister Jude, played by the ever talented Jessica Lange.   She delivers some interesting punishment and runs a strange, but tight ship.

 Even scarier still, is being admitted to the asylum, when you're not insane, which happens to one of the main characters.

This season dealt with a lot of themes.  Purity and innocence lost to evil; Evil forces over-come by purity and innocence; the insane becoming sane and the sane becoming insane, are the biggies.

Then there are mystery aspects thrown in, that is driving me as a view insane, trying to figure out how it will all factor in, in this final episode!

To top it all off, Ryan Murphey (the director) has teased in weekly interviews that the past 4 episodes contained clues to the locations that will be used in season 3!

If you haven't seen it yet, don't watch tonight's episode, wait till it comes out on Netflix, so that you don't spoil the whole season for yourself.  If you've been an avid viewer, I'd like to get your opinions of what's going to happen in tonight's finale :)

Season 1 is out on DVD and on Netflix.  Go check it out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking Through Pics

I'm looking through pics from 2012 to put in the haunt video, so you might be seeing a lot of my faves :)

Here's one that my mom took, which is absolutly brilliant :) I love the colors and how it captures some of my favorite aspects of our haunt :)  My very first prop, the pumpkin scarecrow; my first big tombstone, Poe; the stained glass window which was a huge and very time consuming project for 2012 and my PVC flicker candles which I just adore... they add so much to the feel of the haunt :)

Home Haunter DVD Collection 2012

It's that time of year again folks!  Time to get your Home Haunters videos together and enter them into this year's competition!

The dead-line is January 31st, so there isn't much time to play around, my friends! 

I finally settled on music for mine, now I have to get to work choreographing the pictures with the music :)  I have a lot of great shots from this Halloween :)  Many of my own and many from my faithful photographers, Mom & Pal (Dad).  Great job team!!!

Here's the link with information on how to enter: Home Haunter DVD Collection 2012

 Best of luck to all who enter!  It's always great to see everyones haunts and how they develop and grow over the years :)

Happy Haunting!

- The Countess