Friday, August 30, 2013

The Ghost Inside My Child

This is quickly becoming my new Monday night obsession. The Ghost Inside My Child chronicals the stories of children who display evidence of having lived a past life. The first hand accounts for their guardians are the stuff goosebumps are made of. I cannot even imagine what my reaction would be if a child told me the things that these children are telling their parents. I do remember that my mom said that when my brother was little, he would mumble about things that she thought a child of his age wouldn't know about and when she'd ask him about it, he would say, "You wouldn't understand". That always gave me chills and I that he would have offered more information. It was have been intresting to know what he was talking about and what he may have experienced. Even my mom said that she had an extreme moment of deja vu upon seeing a picture of a catacomb in a school text book. From what I've seen the past two weeks on the show, the children that experience this, are very young. Most under the age of 4. It also seems that as the child aged, their memories of their past life faded. It's a very intresting concept that has me staying up WAY too late on Monday nights. If you haven't seen it all ready, go check it out:

Weekend Projects!

I was very happy to be able to get some more projects started this weekend and I'm pleased with the outcome so far.

 First, I worked on a skirt for my costume to wear to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year.

 I'm not usually one to embark on big sewing projects, b/c frankly, sewing machines scare me. That needle plunging in and out of the machine looks like a finger's worst NIGHTMARE! So, everything that I do is by hand. Now, I have to be honest, I basically pinned squares of 3 different types of fabric to an old black skirt that I had lying around the house. So, all that I'll have to do is stitch the squares to it. ;) Why recreate the wheel, right?!?!?

Second, I worked on an obelisk that I have been wanting to tackle for the past two years, but was intimidated by it of because it involved angles.

 The angles weren't that bad... after my husband showed me how to use a square :) If it hadn't been for the fact that the measurements were specified for 1 inch foam and I was using 1/2 inch foam, it would have come out perfect. But, because of that difference (which I didn't realize until later), the top/point of the obelisk proved to be a little challenging, as I had to shave off foam as I went to make it fit right.

 It's not perfect, but the imperfections will not be noticable when it's in the display. It's a huge relief to get these things started.

We also ordered a bunch of moving pieces from here:

 There's still a lot to do, as always, but this makes me feel better. Now, if I can just get my husband motivated, we'll be doing good!!!

 Happy Haunting!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Candy Corn and Popcorn

I've been addicted to caramel candy corn lately. It's just utter fabulousness. I cannot get enough of these little suckers!

I'm seriously going to have to visit the dentist after all of the sugary abuse that I'm putting my teeth through ;) Today, I had a hankering for something salty and then right after, I started thinking about my beloved caramel candy corn again.... which of course got the wheels in my noggin turning. "What if, I threw a hand full of candy corn into a steaming hot bag of popcorn???" That seemed like an easy idea, but I had soft, oozey texture in mind for the candy corn so, I then wondered; "Can one MELT candy corn?" I mean, why not, it's sugar right? Maybe a little bit of wax??? Is that just my own conspiracy theory? That's when I when to my favorite search engine and typed in 'melted candy corn' and guess what kind of recipes popped up?!? Melted candy corn over popcorn! BINGO!!!! Here's a recipe that I found appealing:

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls made with candy corn. I've never made popcorn balls before, so I had no idea that it was basically like a rice krispy treat, except that popcorn substitutes the crispies.

In turn, that got me thinking even MORE and that's when I started wondering about creating candy corn rice krispie treats!!!! I couldn't find a recipe that actually utilized melted candy corn to make rice krispie treats, but I'm figuring that I could use the same method that the blogger did for the popcorn balls, basically, melt the marshmallows and candy corn together and then pour over the krispies... sounds legit?

I'll let you know how this turns out...sounds like a Frankenstein project if I've ever heard of one! Hope my treats don't have an irrational fear of fire... hmmmmm ;) I have a lot of treat making to try out over the next two months! Let me know if any of you have tried either of these before and I'll try to document my trials and tribulations =)

I can't wait to sink my fangs into some popped/krispie candy corn goodness!



Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael's 2013

*Tried to post this two weeks ago when my typing problem started! Here's a few fun things that I found during one of my recent trips to Michaels :) Hope you enjoy!

The Spooky Town collection has really stepped it up this year, with more traditional Halloween themed pieces, unlike the last few years, where everything was really brightly colored carnival type pieces. There's a really neat bell tower with spinning gears and a fun wedding chapel of sorts that plays a quirky little tune that I just can't get enough of :) So far, I've purchased a very cool Angel of Death monument, which has flapping wings and wicked lighting :)Of course all of the pieces are pricey and I was fortunate enough to find a 50% off coupon when I bought my piece. Full price was $50.00. I think that they've gone a bit over-board with pricing these pieces. Their assortment of paper mache pieces this year are fun too. I'm really digging the little paper mache JOL pails, like the one in the last picture. I may have to get a few to paint a la Pumpkinrot/Pumpkin Hollow style, with the burnt out looking eyes and mouth. I think that would look really neat. I might even add a flicker candle to the inside for extra effect :) More pictures to come!


I haven't been able to post lately and I cannot figure out why. It's been very frustrating! Maybe you guys can help me out. When I'm trying to post, I cannot get the cursor to even show up in the typing field unless I change the field to HTML. Any ideas? I miss being able to communicate with the haunty community :( If this is the only way that I can do it, so be it. At least I've figured this much out :) Happy Haunty Blogging!