Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lighting Is KEY

Now that I've recovered my password >=) I'm going to blog y'all to death =D

Guys, lighting is KEY.

2016 was an ok year for us. Exciting but also tough because we totally changed the theme of our haunt. The 1st year of a new theme are HARD. There was a lot to build and the whole layout changed. Spacing in the yard changed, due to three crypts as opposed to 1, plus the lovely new main character drew the focus of the haunt to the center of the yard.

Our lighting that year stunk but, you haunt and you learn. It only taught us how insanely important a well light haunt is.

Check out some 2016 vs 2017 shots :)

 2016 - lots of candle light and one large black light panel.

 2017 - Added a black light in the crypt with the FCG, plus a second black light panel for the entire yard. Plenty of candle lit JOL's, and lots of spot lighting and you can clearly see on Ms. Laveau.

2016 - Almost no one who viewed the yard could see Laveau OR the x's on her crypt. 

 2017 - This year, many people commented on the "new" character in the yard. The crypt x's were visible and we added some UV painted x's to play off of the black light. 

2016 - So. Much. Blue.

2017 - All of the different lighting made different areas of the haunt pop, thus adding more dimension, not leaving everything blending into each other or the shadows for that matter. 

Morale of the story, take the time to plan out and play with your lighting. I feel like layers of different types of light make for a really rich haunt. 

Thanks for taking a peek!

Happy Haunting :)

Better Late Than Never Ever