Friday, July 31, 2009

Mid-Year Review

I enjoy looking back at my pictures from our 08' cemetery. It was our first year in our first house, and I think that we did a pretty decent job collecting everything that we did and setting it up. This year, I feel more prepared. There were so many last minute things that I wanted to add to the cemetery, but we didn't have the time or resources. Everytime I build or buy something new, I look back on last years pictures and imagine how much better it's going to be this year >=)


  1. That's a fantastic scarecrow. Wow.

  2. Thank you Rot =) That's a great compliment coming from someone who creates amazing scarecrows himself ;) I cannot take credit for it though, it was my husband's creation =) He'll surely be walking around the house like he is the Halloween King when I tell him that you like it =)