Friday, March 19, 2010

Am I Taking This Too Far???

Nahhhhh =)


  1. Where did you get the Halloween/Jack o lantern Easter egg? I've got to have one! That's the coolest thing!

  2. LOL, it's actually a foam egg from Michaels, that I carved =) Then I just added some bunny ears. Glad you like it =)

  3. I think I've talked my wife into making one of those this weekend. What type of lighting do you have inside?...You ought to make more and start selling them!

  4. =D Glad your wife is going to make one for you =) Maybe I should start selling them.. that could be vacation money!
    I just used a light that came out of an old walmart pumpkin. Bulb on one end and plug on the other.
    Post a pic of yours when it's done!!! =D

  5. Just wanted to let you know that the other day I was at Micheals and saw these eggs on closeout. I had to buy one. I am so stealing/borrowing your idea!!! :D