Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking Better

Things are looking better. I'm keeping a close watch on everything for another attack. I'm sure that I haven't seen the last of the vine borers for this season. But, I was victorious yesterday in actually seeing and killing one of the adult moth vine borers, that was trying to lay more eggs on my vines. Usually, I'm not into squashing things, because I think that they have just as much right to live as we do... but now when it's killing my pumpkins ;)


  1. Sometimes you have to protect your own! Congrats on your victory and hope the little buggers keep their distance. Yesterday and today has been 39 degrees with a constant rain and 40 mph winds here. Not sure if my plants are going to pull through without damage, I haven't even been able to get outside to check...where is spring??

  2. Thanks :) The weather here has been a little weird here too. Feels more like October than May... I'm enjoying it though. I think that tonight the temps are supposed to dip again, so I'll have to cover everything just to make sure frost doesn't get to my vines.
    I hope that all of your plants pull through!

  3. Wow, that is one impressive bed of pumpkins!

    You are the pumpkin woman!!!


  4. Thanks Frog Queen :) I'm working hard on it!

  5. Thanks to you and your website , I have a front yard pumpkin patch..I have also checked out other sites on growing my plants. and May 19th was my birthday... I have never had my own garden of any type... so ...we shall see how it goes ... thanks Dr. Theda