Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Hopefuls


  1. Spent 7 or 8 hours on Pumpkin Patch today (over 70 gallons today) (and over 100 gal. yesterday) I am trying my best ... wish to send images of my front yard garden ... ps are the pumpkin plants supposted to grow up tree???

  2. I tend to use my Pumpkin Patch has a form of "thearpy" (F##K my Spelling)I spend hours at all hours of the day or more often at night... I have spent much time and a lot more money than I can afford... Since my Sims crashed, I use my Garden as a form of escapism from my many troubles and worries ...i am using "CAUTION" tape as "twine" to control the direction of the growth ... I planted my seedlings at 8"to10" apart as stated on several websites...Next time 12" to 15" apart...Should I add Nightcrawlers to my Patch to improve the quality of my soil??? Thanks Dr. Theda