Monday, July 11, 2011

Gimme A Hand

Last year, Jack's hands got a little over-looked. Shamefully, I stooped to the "floppy glove hands" method and was very disappointed that my pride and joy was reduced to that.

I've been thinking about Jack and his lack of hands and I finally had to do something about it.

So yesterday, hand construction began =)
Jack will no longer be mocked for his strange hands. I didn't want him moping around like Edward Scissor Hands ;)


  1. The "floppy glove hands" method. Haha! The new hands are looking great so far! I'm sure they will be an improvement. :)

  2. Love the subject line. ha ha

    Looking good. What are you using for materials?

  3. Cool! I just love this blog! I may not be having a party this year so I will live vicariousy through your blog. Hope that's OK. I need my Halloween prop fix one way or another!

  4. @ Madem Jen, I'm using foam, Das paper clay and paper napkins with a glue/flour/water PM mixture. Thanks for checking it out ;)

    @ Halloween Spirit, you have made my day!!! You can live through my blog anytime you want! :)