Thursday, April 26, 2012


I don't know if it is the new blogger set up, or the update that has been run on my computer, but I'm having a lot of trouble posting lately. I have some fun new things to share and as soon as I can get the picture and link posting problems figured out, I'll be back to my regular posting. Until then, hang in there my loyal bloggy readers :) I miss you guys bunches ;) -The Countess


  1. Hope you can get things figured out, take care till then!

  2. You can go back to the old blogger interface. Let me know if you want to or if you are trying to just learn the new one. Good luck either way.

  3. Ah! There it is! I forgot that I was able to change it back! Thank you so much, wicKED, for reminding me! I hope that it isn't changed for good to that new version. I really don't like it. =P