Friday, July 27, 2012

Projects Galore

I think my Halloween countdown ticker is broken.  It says there's only 96 days left till Halloween.  Wait... what's that???  It's not broken?  Hmph.  I guess this means I need to kick things into ludicrous speed.

Since work is slooowww today, I'm frantically scribbling schematics on post-it notes and texting pictures of them to my hubby.  Poor thing is probably so tired of my pestering, but I'm getting antsy and I need some large projects done this year.  Here's what's on the agenda:

The Raven Reaper - I've got a good start on him, but there's still so much to do.  Wings need to be completed, a frame needs to be designed and built, a cloak needs to be designed and created and he needs some sort of scythe. 

Crypt Over-haul - I was really happy with our crypt the past two years.  I love the design, but it was built and then re-built in haste, so it was not efficient to put together.  Also, the wood started buckling and the pieces weren't fitting together so well anymore.  We pitched a lot of it last year when we tore it down, so, this is one project that must get done.

Tombstones - A yard haunt can never have too many :)  I'm looking for new designs and sizes.  I found a bunch of neat ones on line today and I already have names to put on them.  Just need to get MORE foam.

Entryway and Sign - This is not something that is vital, but we feel that it's time to upgrade.  The old 2nd Street Cemetery sign was the first thing that I ever carved out of foam... and it was that white pilly stuff. YUCK.  My technique has come a LONG way since then and I have access to better building material, so I want another shot at it :)  The Count is not happy with our old arbor that we currently use as an entryway/gate to the cemetery.  So, his ambition is to build something more suiting. 

YIKES. Ambitious?  Sure.  Impossible?  NAHHHHH! (At least, I hope not)

Oh, you want more?  Well, here ya go:


Ground Breaking Crypt: The Count came up with this one.  He wants it to go in our ditch. 

New Stained Glass Windows: I'm ready for a new design. I think that I found one that will make rectangle windows look more like Gothic stained glass windows.  I know this project is tedious, but it is a tremendous effect in the cemetery.

Lady Ghost: She was going to be our Pepper's ghost last year, but it was a very last minute project. There's not much to do to her, so I want to get her completed and out in the yard. 

Ok, that's it, I think... geez.  Did I mention that we're having our 5th Wedding Anniversary party in the middle of all of this??? Which also includes a formal photo shoot in our cemetery, in our "Newly Dead" attire?  HAHAHAHAHA (manic laugh).  Yes, I've lost it :)

Oh well, at least I won't be bored for the next 96 days :)

- The Insane, Over-Achieving Countess


  1. Oh gasp....a groundbreaker in the ditch....that's brilliant! I tend to keep my cemetery somewhat back from the ditch and surely have never had anything actually IN it. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Wanted to say hi Countess and that I look forward to visiting your blog!!!