Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I think Mr. Gorey would have appreciated this shot ;) I'm amazed that I got my fur baby to pose for me.
CIMG6584 by curlgoddess
CIMG6584, a photo by curlgoddess on Flickr.
Here's Mr. Gorey with his furry children :)


  1. That is a lovely photo! I'm sure he would have appreciated your beautiful cat next to his urn. He was clearly a cat lover!

  2. I've just lost my fury friend Gizmo. He got too old, and had to be put to sleep. He also had a tumor, which we thought was just a innocent lump. Cats never really tell us what's wrong. But our cat was very telepathic. He knew his last moments were coming. I also think he's been back to revist me again, in ghostly form. I had a dream of something sitting on my chest. Then the black energy tried sitting on my face, as I was pushing him/it away. Could it have been the ghost of Gizmo?

  3. Your beautiful kitty looks lovely next to that urn. Is it a ragdoll?

  4. That is a gorgeous photo of your kitty with the urn. I adore cats! And Mr Gorey! ;)