Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Halloween Project Inspiration

This time of year, I always start scowring the internet, creeping around my favorite haunts looking for inspiration for new projects for my haunt. 

Pinterest has been a HUGE source for inspiration.  There are a ton of fellow haunters on there, sharing the cool things that they've done or that they have found on the web.

The techinques that are jumping out at me the most this year, are masking tape and chicken wire ghosts. The initial allure is that they look amazing, but then looking further into it, the materials are relatively cheap and they are light weight. 

Although there are a lot of pictures out there of amazing creations of both mediums, it took a little digging to actually find tutorials that revealed how the creations were constructed. 

Here are some amazing pictures of the projects:

Packing tape and cheesecloth ghost:

(Image Source)

 Packing Tape Ghosts:

(Image Source)
This link on Pinterest also has a brief explaination of how the person who had found the image, made her own version.

Here is a great, basic packing tape sculputre tutorial.  I'm sure that we haunters can dream up how to do the rest :)

With the right lighting, I can imagine that these creations would be spooktacular!!!

Chicken Wire Ghosts:

Now, this next one is a REALLY convincing ghost.  This is totally what I'd expect a ghost to look like :)

(Image Source)

Below is the tutorial which is basically pictures, but I think it shows, that this thing was put together in pieces and not just one big sheet, as I had originally thought.

It doesn't seem that there is an exact tutorial for this one, but after looking at other chicken wire sculpture tutorials, I think that we have an idea of how this can be achieved.  I think the hardest part would be to get the skirt to look so effortless. 
 From what I've seen of the sculptures made just of chicken wire, it's important to twist the cut ends of the wire together to make invisible seams.  These creations are definately better when the chicken wire is not overlapping.

Chicken Wire and Cheesecloth Ghosts:

I really like the style of this one, because the cheesecloth is used as the clothing, but the chicken wire is used to show the face.  That contrast of the different, delicate materials, differentiates the clothes from the actual ghost. 
(Image Source)

Below is the actual tutorial for the ghosts in this picture.  This one is pretty decent.

I plan on trying to tackle at least one of these methods.  I may even try both chicken wire and packing tape.  When I do, I'll take pictures and make notes and let you all know what works, what doesn't and what's worth the effort.

I hope that this has inspired you all as much as it has inspired me!

Happy Haunting!


  1. Love the look, hate the chicken wire! Wear gloves and don't forget to update your Tetanus shot! I do like the one by the Mitchell's but the packing tape is interesting too. Like to see that at night under lights and see what it looks like.

  2. Cool! Be sure to take some pictures if you end up trying this. I like those ghost dresses floating about the lawn.