Saturday, November 2, 2013

Clean up day

Today was the dreaded clean up day. I picked up everything in the yard, except the fence, crypt, full size toe pincher and entryway.  I left them for the hubby to take care of.

It's always a real drag to pick it all up and put it all away. So, I listened to my Halloween playlist while I worked to lift my spirits ;)  'Night on Bald Mountain' is one of the songs that came on and I thought about how it seems to sum up the season.

The music starts soft, just as the holiday season creeps slowly upon us, little bits of Halloween merchandise in the stores, decorations trickling out of the attic.  Then the music builds, just as the season builds.  More decorations are out, Halloween specials on TV, candy in the stores and the weather starts turning cool.  The high point in the music is Halloween night, hectic and fun, fueled with sugar and the excitement of costumed revelers wandering the streets; there's an electric feel to the air. Finally, the music winds down, just as the season abruptly does, the decorations are picked up, empty candy wrappers tumble down the street in the wind, and there's almost no evidence of the fun that was had the night before.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think ;)

Hope you all had a great Halloween =)

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