Friday, January 31, 2014

Home Haunter's DVD Collection and Contest 2013!!!

I'm alive! Sorry I've been away :) I've suddenly found myself in a very unexpected but lucrative cookie baking business on the weekends and all of my free time. But not to worry, Halloween is still very much in my life! I have great plans for 2014 :) Speaking of... entries for the 2013 Home Haunter's DVD Collection and Contest are due February 15th!!! This is always a fantastic collection for any Halloween fan and the contest is certainly something that adds fuel to the Jack o' lantern fire to build better things every year! My entry is almost finished and my Mom is even submitting an entry for her lovely Annual Witch's Tea this year! For more info, go here:


  1. Looking forward to your vid Countess! Actually your Mom's vid sounds intriguing, I've never seen a Witch's tea gathering before... Excellent she is contributing!

  2. Congrats on your new business! Can't wait to see your video - I should attempt that one of these years.