Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Halloween Prop Potential

Found this lovely lantern today at Michaels. I'm going to use it for everyday home decor, but it will probably have dual usage as Halloween prop. It's 60% right now, brining it to a whopping $10. I'm sure you guys could find some great uses for a gem like this! My first thought was for Jack, my grounds keeper, but it also looks like a great container for some strange plant or critter. Even some small skulls with moss and stuff. Who knows!!! If anyone else gets one, be sure to tell me how you plan on using it :) Happy haunty shopping ;) -Countess


  1. Good find! There could be lots of Halloween uses for that lantern. I was just at Michael's and didn't see anything that cool! I'd like to see that lantern lit up at night.