Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Witch's Tea

This past weekend, my mom hosted her 3rd Annual Witch's Tea!

A witch coven greeted everyone from the front yard :) My mom made these from Dollar Store plastic table cloths and Dollar store witch's hats.
 A grand entry way!  Beautiful Fall foliage and a witch wreath that my mom also made.  She's a very crafty witch!

This year, Mom was a 'proper English' witch :)  I think she fit the bill!

Here we are together!

And I was Elphaba, from Wicked, along with my very good friend, Glinda! I came up with the t-shirt designs and a friend of mine pressed the shirts for us; didn't she do a great job?  We made our tutu's :)

Of course, we had a lot of tea, which Mom prepared in various lovely tea pots.  Vanilla Chai, Chocolate tea, and Pumpkin Spice were just a few of the flavors that we had.  The Chocolate tea was the crowd favorite this year :)

There were plenty of tasty delicacies to go around including, Cauldron Cookies (I made those), Pumpkin Spice cookies, apple slices with candy dip, caramel apple flavored cupcakes, vanilla chai and pumpkin spice scones...

Stuffed mushroom caps, twice baked potatoes, fresh fruit and veggies, Coronation Chicken Salad, cucumber, pimiento cheese and egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs and mulled wine!!!!

Many fun-loving witches attended.

Check out the hats that Mom 'enchanted' to float above the kitchen :)

My lovely tarnished, silver tea pot (a thrift store find) made a perfect center piece for the table.

Even a few wee witches... and Elsa... and a vampire! lol

As you can see, we had a lot of fun!  Can't wait till next year!!!!

Do you host your own Witch's Gathering?  I'd love to hear about it!!!  
For more witchy gathering fun, check out Justine's Witch's Gathering (she's the one that inspired my Mom's Witch's Tea) over at her blog, Justine's Halloween.

Happy Haunting!!!


  1. That is so cool! Your Mom doing a video of the party again this year? Enjoyed last year's. The witches gathering props was great too!

  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing your Witches' Tea photos! I love those cauldron cookies you made. I see that good looking caramel apple dip nearby. I still want to try that! I haven't seen enchanted, floating witch hats before. That's pretty neat. Cool thrift store find with that teapot too! How many teapots did you guys have out? I'm curious about that chocolate tea. I've had chocolate hazelnut tea and that's pretty good. It's the "Stash" brand of tea.

    Great job with the decorating and food preparation! I really enjoy seeing what's going on with your coven. ;)

  3. Look like you had a scrumptious spread - yum, yum