Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Favorite Shots From Halloween 2014

My mom took some beautiful pictures of the haunt. I'm so thankful for her photography talents. Here are all of my favorite shots from this year :)

Notice the little ghost cat peeking up at Edward Gorey's urn ;)

Faceless ghost, a new addition this year.

A few of the new ground breaker, chicken wire ghosts are visible here as well as the new Annabelle Lee ghost bride.

Here's a really good view of the ghost cat.

Beautiful shot of the Raven Reaper.  The new spot lights really did him justice this year.

Huge, ghostly white pumpkin.

A crowd favorite, sometimes mistaken as a 'moose head' by the younger kids =)

Who's that lurking in the cemetery???

Good shot to see the new base for the skull monument as well as my mom's awesome Twisty jack o' lantern.

Twisty again!

The Raven Reaper with his new and improved lantern staff.

I love this new ghost.  This is the banshee.  The wind blowing Halloween night really brought this character to life.

Mysterious ghost bride.

This was the new placement for the Raven Reaper this year.  I think that he fit in great next to the cow skull scarecrow.  They compliment each other well.

Here's the skull monument in action with the new fog system that we built into it this year.  It worked beautifully. This is just an all around great shot of some of the new props.


  1. It all looks so great! But for some reason, the 7th (I think ) pic of the JOLs is just stunning!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I agree, the JOL pictures always come out really nice :)

  2. Your Mom really did a great job of capturing the mood of your haunt. The new ghost looks melancholy and eerie.

  3. GREAT photos...the Haunt looks amazing.

  4. Excellent shots Heidi! I have to say I've been partial to the 'moose head" too. It looks so primitive, like lot of Rot's creations.The Raven Reaper photo is so awesome!

    1. Thanks Mark! The cow scare crow is the simplest prop! We literally store the frame outside, which gives the sheet that creepy look.