Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Devil's in the Details

Sometimes it's small details that really bring a haunt together. Here are some of my favorite small details from our haunt :)

Marie Laveau's table oddities
Plaque on Marie's crypt
Twig figures in the tree
Dead roses in a vase
The x's on Marie's crypt
The legendary ditch monster 
A toe pincher weathered to perfection!

I hope you all enjoyed these lesser seem details as much can as I did as I began picking everything up today 🎃

Happy Haunting!


  1. Those are awesome! I find that the little detail props are fun to have around all year. ;)

    1. I totally agree! As I took things down, some went into boxes and others went right back into their normal places in the living room :)

  2. The legendary ditch monster is scary! I can only imagine unexpectedly seeing him at night.

    1. He is pretty creepy! Especially at night, bc he's hard to see and so there's that unnerving sense of the unknown :)