Friday, February 24, 2017

Halloween 2016


  1. Wow! That was a really well put together video! Great job! The music is cool too. I was going to ask who that was singing the cover, but then I saw her name at the end.

    I remember that Plague Doctor/Tiki Torch scene. That's a favorite. That's neat that you did the Voodoo theme. There's a lot of potential there. There was a nice flow to the scene with the blue lights and the ghosts' subtle movements. I bet there were a lot of admirers coming by!

  2. Love the stained glass! It looks fantastic. I also love the fortune teller with the snake in her hands. Aw heck - it all looks great!

  3. Excellent video Heidi! So like the non-traditional Halloween music! Yard haunt looks great! was there a Witch's Tea Party this year?

    1. Thanks Mark! I love the song that we used. It's just so appropriate for our theme. No, we didn't do the tea this year. We didn't have a whole lot of interest last year and did a lot of preparation for nothing. Hopefully we can revive it again one year.