Saturday, September 11, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem...

So, my pumpkin vines have been maturing beautifully. Big green leaves, strong vines, lots of flowers, then last night, I come home to one type of my vine looking almost completely dead and a piece of another "broken". I felt bad, because it looked like they had been water deprived so I watered them for 30 minutes last night, making sure the ground was nicely saturated. I wake up this morning, thinking that I'm going to get some new material to make a bigger cover so that the heat doesn't affect the vines so much and find that more pieces are "broken" on my vines. At this point, I figured that it was a stray cat or possum making it's way through my garden that is breaking things and I figure I'll put up some chicken wire. Then, upon closer inspection of one of the broken vines, a green worm falls out.... hmmm, that's not good.

I run to the computer and find out that my crop is infested with Vine Borers, which are inserted in the garden by pretty black and orange moths... hmmm could it be, this guy?
The pretty little "butterfly" that I took so many pictures of last weekend? #%*%@!!!!!!!!!!! I should have known!!! UGH!!!
Next time I see one, I'll wave my arms like a crazy lunitic to chase it out of my garden.
Now I just hope that I can save my vines. I clipped the damaged parts off and sprayed them. I'll know wheter or not it's helping this afternoon.


  1. Yikes!! I hope it's not too late! <:O

  2. Me too hs! So far so good today. No new damage, so I think I may have taken care of the little suckers =)