Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Shoot

Yesterday, 2nd Street Cemetery became the back drop for my neighbor's very special baby's Halloween photo shoot.  I couldn't be a happier haunter or neighbor =)  This child is truly a miracle and he's so stinkin' cute!

Photo by: Jennifer Buck
(See more pictures of Dylan in 2nd Street Cemetery at

To learn more about Dylan and his special condition, please visit:


  1. He is a very beauitful and special little boy. Thank you for sharing his story. He is just too cute.

  2. If you could only hear the loud "AWWW!" I just said. :) Dylan is beyond adorable. That is such a cute idea for a photo shoot too. Your graveyard is getting a lot of attention this year! First neighborhood pranksters and now a baby photo shoot. :) I read Dylan's story on that web site, and I'm glad he's looking so happy and healthy now!

  3. Cool and "Cute"...Jack Skellington face paint would make for a truly awesome photo....
    The Doctor

  4. Dylan is just TOO stinkin' cute!! I read his story & will be sending up some prayers for the little sweetie.

    His outfit is so perfect for being in front of your sign!

  5. It's great you can bring so much Halloween to your neighbors and they enjoy being a part of it.

  6. Still say it is a "cute" picture ( Most of my friends have "little ones") Sorry for whatever has happened to my "blog" ... I need to have Alex fix Computer as well.... Sorry
    the Doctor

  7. He is a doll! This picture is great.. I love the costume and of course your yard! Keeping Dylan in my thoughts and prayers...