Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Creepmas!

There's a lot of fun going on in the Halloween Blogging community right now with the celebration of Creepmas.  Creepmas is the Halloween community's answer to retail's early push of Christmas EVERYTHING which begins in July and eventually overshadows our season's holiday by the time October arrives.

Bloggers who volunteer, write about Halloween/Christmas collisions for the first 13 days of December.

To see all of the Creepmas bloggers, go here: Creepmas 2011

I'm unofficially celebrating Creepmas.  I'll be sporadically posting Halloweenish Christmas stuff through out the season :)

Merry Creepmas!!!!


  1. Merry Creepmas to you too! Glad you are joining in! :))

  2. Love your Creepmas pumpkins! Perfect! Happy Creepmas!

  3. I was trying to do Creepmas, but just can't "creep up"...arararar!

    And those are the best Christmas decorations I've seen in a long time.