Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There's No Place Like Transylvania For the Holidays???

Driving into work this morning, I realized just how subconsiously my mind is always geared toward Halloweenish things.

I was singing along, loudly,  to the classic Christmas song,  (There's No Place Like) Home For the Holidays.

After the initial, "Oh there's no place like home for the holidays" chorus, the first line of the next stanza is, "I met a man who lives in Tennessee, and he was headin’ for, Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie;".   Well, apparently, in my mind he wasn't headin' for Pennsylvania because I blurted out "TRANSYLVANIA"... I had a really, really good laugh imagining Count Dracula going home to his snowy covered castle for some pumpkin pie ;)


  1. He uses real whipped cream....bullwhip and all!

  2. Good One! I wonder what other Christmas songs your Halloween subconscious will rewrite! ♫♫Creepmus Carols♫♫

  3. I am in love with that house!

    Heehee, it's fun to change the words to songs!

  4. haha! That house (looks more like a castle) is so beautiful

  5. For carols check out H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society on YouTube for Holiday songs...
    And a Merry "Krampas" to all...
    ...the Doctor

  6. That's so cute! I love the photo of the mansion too. Is that house in your area?

  7. I bet that "pumpkin" is a pet name.

    I always thought that proper pumpkin pie should be orange, Drac's is a little... reddish.

    Maybe... maybe it's just pumpkin-rhubarb...