Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Raven

I think this is going to be interesting.  It's a fictional account of the last days of Poe's life, where he is protrayed as a "hero" type.  From what I gather, the movie is about his persuit of a muderer who's slayings represent his literary works. 

I'm really intrigued by the concept.  I hope that Hollywood does Poe justice :)

The Raven Trailer

IMDB lists the release date as April 27th.


  1. Yeah, that's pretty much the synopsis I've heard too. As a fan of Poe and John Cusack, I can't wait to see this movie! The idea is interesting. If a murderer was inspired by Poe's writing, a lot of grisly acts might be carried out. From the trailer, it looks like the perfect spooky atmosphere was created!

  2. From the media hype it sounds like it won't be short on guts and gore. Looking forward to seeing how Luke Evans plays opposite John Cusak. Can't wait!