Monday, January 30, 2012


My submission for the Home Haunters Video Awards has FINALLY left my hands. 

For whatever reason, my computer would not let me submit it digitally. So today, I figured that I'd just send my DVD next day FedEx. Well, the rates were scarier than my props... $100.00 for next day delivery... get out of town! The cheapest offering was $12.00 for 4 business days, not guaranteed.

So, I wandered on over to the post office.  $19.00 and my video will reach it's destination tomorrow by noon :)  Thank you USPS :)


  1. Yikes! what a nightmare. I learned last year that uploading does not always work, so I gave it a good two weeks- sent regular mail for $1.15
    and it got there in four days anyway. Glad you made the deadline, looking forward to seeing everyones haunts..always a highlight of the year that gets you geared up for the coming fall.

  2. That's my plan for next year! I had tried the link to upload the vid at work on a PC and was able to access it, but when I tried to access it from my Mac at home, all it would do was make a funny "error" noise and flash an error message. Lord only knows what the issue was. Lesson learned, never trust technology :)
    I can't wait to see all of the vids either! It's so nice to have a compilation of haunts from all over the world :)