Thursday, February 9, 2012

Humble Beginnings

I was looking through some old pictures today and came across a couple from my first year of yard haunting. It was 2004. I was still living with Mom & Dad.  I had just graduated from college and it was a year before Hurricane Katrina came along. Of course, there had been many years of decorating with a bunch of store bought stuff before this, but this was the first year that I really, really got into it.  This is when I found my first foam tombstone how-to online.  I wish that I could remember what website that was.

Oh and the bones... ;)  Those were my dad's contribution.  He basically brought me a whole cow skeleton, which he found in some random pasture somewhere.  My mom had a fit when he brought home that big ol' bag of bones, but I thought it was great :)

I love this picture; it makes me smile to remember the first thrill of yard haunting and to see how far I've come and to realize how far I can go :)


  1. I love that you had real bones!! I could imagine my neighbor's Chihuahua running off with one if I had those.

    The stones are great - I still haven't gotten brave enough to try foam. I'm still using plywood!

  2. It's funny how down here along the coast we mark time according to hurricanes! I do the same thing. Your Dad is great to supply the bones - I hope you kept the cows skull.

  3. How fantastic that your dad actually saw the cow skeleton and said to himself, "Oh, wait 'til she gets a look at this! She's gonna be so excited!"

  4. A great story about some old bones.... It can be nice to reminisce about times past,.... Sometimes our memories are the only that keeps us going.... I finished and posted answers to your questions.... I will pick Three other "victims" for me to "tag"...
    Have a great day and weekend dear "Countess.....
    your "fiend" ....the Doctor

  5. Priceless memories when our parents get invovled! nice!