Monday, February 6, 2012

Sinful Sips

Missing Fall/October/Halloween all ready?  Need a little dose of it all on a manic Monday to get you through till the next prop building weekend?  Well you're in luck!

I've been obsessed with two delicious Fallish/Octoberish/Halloweenish drinks.

First up, Pukka's Licorice & Cinnamon herbal tea:

I stumbled upon this lovely tea during one of my explorations through Marshall's.  I never know what I'm going to find there, but I know that I can expect to find foodie things that aren't really popular main stream.  I was able to get a box of 20 tea bags for $4.99.  This tea is delicious.  I don't put anything in it. It has cinnamon top notes and it followed by the delicious licorice bottom.  When the licorice hits your taste buds, it releases such a sweet flavor, that any amount of sugar/honey would just ruin it.  This is perfect as it is.  I recently and randomly found another box in another Marshall's and scooped it up QUICK.  The Pukka website does not seem to ship to the states, but I did find it on Amazon and also on this site: Lucky Vitamin
It's well worth it!

My second new obsession is clove flavored coffee:

I found this at World Market for $7.99.  It is DELICIOUS!  The bag reads, "Heavy dose of spicy clove," and I can tell you that it doesn't disappoint.  Also, this coffee is not weak like some flavored coffee.  It's pretty strong actually and very bold, but wonderful.  So far, I have tried with with a little bit of vanilla creamer and sugar and it's perfect.  I would like to try it with an unflavored creamer just to get the total punch of clove, which I can imagine is quite strong seeing that it all ready overpowered the vanilla flavor of the creamer that I used. 

In addition to the Clove flavor, this company also offers Bourbon, Chipotle and Absinthe flavored coffees.  I have a bag of the Absinthe, which I'll open and review after I've used all of the clove.

If any of you try either of these, let me know how you like it :)


  1. Marshall's and World Market are great places to shop! You can always find something a little different at those stores. I love the design for the tea box. At first I thought it was the box for a fancy perfume! The coffee bag is cute too. I like the little beatniks on there. :) I enjoy flavored coffees, so I'll have to give that brand a shot!

  2. Hmm! Hmm! Clove coffee sounds delish. And thanks for the recommendation on the tea. I might have past it up just due to the name. Sounds like puke and actually some green make me do just that - literally. But if you say its good, I will look for it - I shop at Cost plus all the time and Marshalls once in awhile. Always looking for a good new product, especially if it doesn't need sweetner.

  3. The packaging kicks butt too!