Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dear Michael's,

I really appreciate your enthusiasm of holidays, going so far as to start stocking your shelves with beautiful Halloween goodies in the middle of JUNE, but this is creating a problem.

What you don't realize is that by the time that October gets here, all of the glorious orange and black merchandise will be gone and in it's place, red and green and snow ALL OVER.

We Halloween Enthusiasts would like to see Halloween merchandise, during the Halloween season. Not Christmas stuff.  This really puts a damper on OUR uncomplicated holiday's fun.

- The Countess

Yes, Michael's is all ready stocking their shelves.  I took this picture LAST WEEK.  Last year, they at least waited till JULY.  I have photo evidence to support this ;).  They are starting earlier and earlier every year.  And while seeing these beautiful pumpkins excites me, it makes me sad to, knowing that just as I stated in my mock letter, that by the time our beloved season rolls around, the stores will be FULL of Christmas stuff. 

Bummer =(


  1. I absolutely hate Michaels for doing this! I so often need things in September and October for Halloween projects only to find that they are WAY into Christmas. I find I have to order on line or visit the Dollar Stores. Bummer...and the prices at shopping there without a coupon!!

  2. I know, it simply stinks.

    The prices are high. I think that's why so many haunters make their own stuff. It's cheaper and comes out better than store bought ;)

  3. FYI, our Michael's has started stocking Autumn stuff (NO Halloween stuff), and CHRISTMAS already. Boo!
    Personally by the time July hits, I've got the Halloween fever. I'm so ready to see Halloween merch, and the craft store is usually the first place I hit. I'm actually pretty annoyed that there is Christmas stuff out now, but no Halloween.