Friday, October 11, 2013


I worked on projects all day yesterday.  It was so nice.  I've been able to put a lot more detail into some of my pieces, that I normally would have done, "good enough" just to get it done in the time frame that I had.  It was refreshing to be able to become fully immersed in my projects.

Here's what I did...

Painted and sealed the stem for on my jack o' lantern scarecrow head.  I'm very happy with the results :) He needed a stem do-over badly.  I think I'll revisit this topic in a blog post all it's own ;)

Created a zombie arm, that I will put I front of a tombstone somewhere in the yard. Paper mached it and then sculpted knuckles and hand bones.

Sculpted knuckles on the Raven Reaper hands.  Really pleased with this too. My hand making has come a LONG way since the first set that I made on Edgar. I'm thinking that I'll create new ground breakers next year.  I've gained so much experience and improved technique since I built those guys.


I also re-mached one of the Fantasia ghost's arms.  I found out how weak it was when I tried him out in the yard, so I figured enforcement was a good idea.
Doesn't seem like much when it's all in one place, but all of that sculpting took a lot of time.
Tomorrow, the projects continue with entryway column completion... hopefully ;)
Only 20 days left my friends!
Happy Haunting!

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