Sunday, October 13, 2013

Witch's Tea 2013

It's that time of year again!  Time for my Mom's Annual Witch's Tea!

We had a great time prepping for this and learned a lot from last year. 

Unfortunately, attendance was hindered by the possibility of Hurricane Karen hitting that day, but we didn't let that get us down!  We went on with the party as planned and while we had fewer witches than last year, we still had a really great time!

First, here's the set up:

Mom and I made the cute little witch's shoes and the flowers in them. Both are projects that we found on Pinterest.  There are templates for the Witch's shoes here.  Flower how to can be found here :)

Spellbook pages were also printed from Pinterest.  I have them all on my Witch's Tea board.

The witch's were super easy to make!  They are Dollar Store black table cloths, Dollar Store witch's hats, garden stakes and balled up plastic bags to make the heads!  That's it!!! The stand for the cauldron was compliments of my fantastic dad :)  He gathered some interesting looking tree limbs and put this together for us.  One of the limbs had awesome lichens growing on it, which added the perfect touch!

We collected various jars and bottles and transformed them into witch jars.  A mixture of Elmer's glue with paint gives the paint a frosty look when applied to the jars.  Printable labels were found here.

 Potions and Spells books were old books that we acquired from a thrift store, spray painted black and then hand painted the symbols and words onto.

Here are the goodies!!!

In addition to tea, we also had a fabulous mulled wine!  It as made using a packet of Raven's Original Mulling Spices.  It was super sweet but oh so delicious!  I highly recommend it. It was enjoyed by all that tried it.
You can purchase some from here: Raven's Mulling Spices

Here are the witchy guests that didn't let a little storm sway their broom sticks away from our gathering!

Remember the witch's with the pink hats, made in support of the one who was about to start treatment for cancer last year?  Well, here she is (on the left) one year later and CANCER FREE!!! =)

And of course, you hostess and co-hostess!
We really had a blast.  There's nothing like getting a bunch of cackling witches together for goodies, tea and wine :)
Hope you all enjoyed the pics!
Happy Haunting!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I see lots of good looking snacks in these pictures. :) I really like the witch props in your yard. I bet those look neat at night! I'd seen some of those witch shoe tutorials on Pinterest too. I haven't tried making any, though. Were they at all difficult to make? The little witches at the party are adorable!

    1. Thanks Justine! The witchy shoes were super easy to make. Once I made all of the creases, they just kind of folded themselves :) And I just used a glue stick to hold them together. Worked like a charm!

  2. What fun! I sure wouldn't let a little hurricane stand in my way for that, either!
    Later on this month, I'm going on a Witch Crawl, a pub crawl and a percentage of the tab at each pub is going for breast cancer research, so we all have to wear pink in our outfits somewhere.

    1. Lisa, that sounds like a blast! I think in New Orleans, they do a zombie pub crawl for a breast cancer fund raiser. Such a great way to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research. Hope to see pictures of it! :)

  3. Just found your site via Justine's Halloween. I love this idea for a Witch's Tea. I'm going to try to find you on Pinterest.

  4. Welcome Midnyte Reader :) I stole the witch party idea from Justine :) I just added my own twist by making it a tea party :) I hope that you can find me on Pinterest. I have lots of boards devoted to Halloween stuff :)