Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Storms

This was the first year that it has rained on Halloween since we've been doing the yard haunt.  We had literally just finished putting the final touches on the yard, when the skies opened up and dumped a couple of hours of heavy rain on us.

We scrambled to bring in all of the paper mache pieces, foggers, sound system.  

But, the Trick r' Treaters came :)  They came in droves in the rain.  Soaked to the bone, some with umbrellas, some without, some driving from house to house, jumping out of their cars, all in the name of Halloween and all with smiles on their faces. 

Even though our yard wasn't up to it's full potential, we enjoyed many compliments from our visitors. Adults and children alike voiced their love of the yard and dried my spirits :)  

We gave out two cauldron's full of candy and once the rain got to be too much, we enjoyed the company of many of our neighbors, friends and family, inside.  

It wasn't the Halloween that I expected, but it was a lot of fun.  I felt very warm and fuzzy to have such a great group of people around us, celebrating my favorite day :)

Unfortunately,  the rain made photographing the yard very difficult. So, I only have a few blurry shots to share for now.

However, we decided, for the first time ever, to run full effects in the yard again tonight. :)  This way, people who want to come back and see it in dryer conditions can, we can enjoy it to it's fullest potential, and we can get the pictures that I cherish every year ;)

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween, no matter what your weather conditions were :)


  1. Have you ever used house-paint instead of "plaster"...???
    Works great at crafting a durable prop...
    Sorry about the rain dear Countess.... The storm is just now reaching us here.... Other than the Rain... Hope that you had a great Halloween... the Doctor

    1. Thank you Doctor :) Yes, I use exterior latex paint, but some of my props are paper mache, and with the down pour we had last night, I was afraid that they wouldn't make it.
      I hope that you had a good Halloween too!