Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Fall Oreo Flavors

Oreo has done it again! These beauties are hitting store shelves TODAY! I'm going on a quest to find them, of course. I'll give a full report on flavor after I've devoured... uh... acquired them ;=)

In early September, I found what I thought was going to replace Oreo's Candy Corn cookies this season, Caramel Apple Oreos. I was a little, ok, a LOT apprehensive about these, but oh my great pumpkin, are they good! If you like apple, you're going to dig right into these.
It's still yet to be seen if the popular Candy Corn Oreo will be released for a thrid season in a row. Let me know what you think about these new Fall flavors! Delectable or disastrous? Happy Fall Flavors!

1 comment:

  1. I love to see the season change in my food. Unfortunately I can't eat the heavily processed foods anymore.

    But it's really fun to watch the season come in at the little hippy dippy mart I shop at. They do mostly local produce, and so the summer squash has gone out and the winter squash has come in. The summer fruit is gone, and crisp apples and pears filled up the shelves.

    I am hotly anticipating the start of burdock root season, heh heh.