Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Annabelle Lee

This weekend I completed a very impromptu prop, that I've been refering to as Annabelle Lee. She's just one of the many ghosts that will be in the cemetery this year. Besides a minor adjustment that I want to make, I'm really happy with the way that she came out and I'm really enjoying working with chicken wire and cheese cloth. It's relatively inexpensive and the fact that it's light weight is another plus AND the effect is really great.


  1. Annabelle Lee is both pretty and really spooky. She should look great at night! Is she hanging pretty high off the ground? Perfect name for her too.

  2. Thanks Justine!!! She is pretty awesome at night, especially with blue and black lights shining on her :) She's actually constructed out of PVC so I just painted the supporting pole black and it's undetected when the lighting is right. Plus her skirt helps to hide it too!

  3. She's very spooky. Great work Countess!