Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Countdown Shenanigans

The Countdown Stone shenanigans have begun. All that I can say is that retaliation will be sweet. I have a few ideas for catch back, but if any of my Halloween friends have ideas for non-violent retaliation, they'd be welcomed >=)


  1. Arrg - I had all my homemade tombstones stolen from my front yard 4 years ago. Just some thoughtless person who had not idea how much work went into those. Perhaps something motion activated that pops out and scares them next time they come close. Spirit has a big fuzzy spider that scared the daylights outa some kids yesterday while I was shopping.

  2. I remember you had a neighbor that made changes to this stone last year, or maybe it was the year before. As long as its in good fun!

  3. Oh no! Looks like they took an entire number square. Do you know who is doing this? I remember a few tombstone hijinks going on in your yard in the past. I don't have any ideas for revenge offhand. I guess if the person who did this has some yard decorations out you could always fool around with those a little.