Monday, August 6, 2012

It's a Good Thing...

One of my friends refers to me as the Martha Stewart of Halloween. I've got to say, Martha's projects are a lot simpler than mine and they look fantastic, which makes me wonder if I'm trying too hard? LOL, age old adage, "Don't over think it".  I guess that's why I love Martha. 

I'm in love with this Martha project that I spotted on Pinterest:

All of the instructions can be found here
I've all ready printed out my templates :)  I can't wait to do this simple, but beautiful project!  Oh and I'm all ready thinking about other sillouetts that I could make on my own.  Maybe a bat or spider?  The possibilities are endless :)

Happy (simple) Haunting!


  1. Martha's design team have a real talent for making simple things work perfectly. I made her Halloween lanterns last year, they looked amazing.
    These silhouettes are excellent and SIMPLE...gotta love that!

  2. Oh, I want to try those too! I'm glad to hear that they came out great :)
    Yes, simple = wonderful!

  3. Spider web design or creepy trees.... Thank You Countess for your kind words at the "Crypt"....You and your blog were a part of the inspiration to "try"...Thanks again ...your "fiend" and follower.... the Doctor

  4. Oh, those are GREAT ideas Doc! Glad that my blog inspired you :)And thanks for being a loyal follower :)

    Happy Haunting!