Friday, October 5, 2012

Freaky Music Friday!

Since yesterday's post took SO long to write, I'm going to make Friday an easy day :) lol Hope you all don't mind ;) 

This past week I read on a lovely fellow blogger's blog, Justine's Halloween that she wanted to do a Halloween mixed tape trade with her blog followers. I naturally LOVED the idea and I've been working on the CD that I'm sending to her.  All the while, I'm getting to listen to my favorite Halloween music which gave me the idea for my Friday blog entries :)  I'll share some of my holiday favorites and feature some Halloween musicians.  Fair enough?

Today, I have for you a Danny Elfman classic, 'This is Halloween' from Tim Burton's, Nightmare Before Christmas'

But that's not all, I also want to share Marilyn Manson's version, from the Nightmare Revisited album, which I also love ;)

Happy Friday and Fifth Day of October everyone!


  1. Love you pics!
    Come back to my crypt on Mondays at least because I always have some sort of music there.
    ~Naila Moon

  2. My daughter have a tradition of watching "Nightmare" every Halloween season. This year we decided to watch it in November...Great way to continue to celebrate the dark part of the year!

  3. Love this version! Thanks for sharing. Halloween rocks!