Monday, October 15, 2012

New Black Plant

When I'm not busy Halloweening, gardening is another passion that I enjoy.  I'm always finding ways to intertwine my passion for Halloween and gardening, by using Halloween colored plants in my garden. Orange is relatively easy to find for the garden, but black is a little more tricky, although in recent years, black plants are a little easier to come by.  In any case, I'm obsessed with black plants :)   This weekend, I found my newest addition:

Behold, the Black Diamond Crape Myrtle!

Last year, I had almost bought a Chocolate Crape Myrtle, but the leaves were very brown, making the plant look dead and dried out.  The Black Diamond's leaves are much darker and the beautiful, bright pinkish-red flowers offer a stark contrast.

I'm thinking about going to pick up another one :)


  1. Very cool! A friend of mine had a vine plant of some sort that was all black like this. They are very unique looking. Unfortunately I only know how to grow weeds. If you need weeds though, just let me know!

  2. That is nice! I have a "Midnight Wine and Roses" bush that starts out blood red and turns an almost dark chocolate color in fall. Gotta love Creepy landscaping!

  3. Very cool - never seen a black Crape Myrtle.