Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watch It Wednesday! Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow

Released in November of 1999, this movie continues to be a must watch for me, during Halloween and any other time of year when I need a dose of Halloween goodness. 

Directed by Tim Burton, with a musical score composed by Danny Elfman, and lead roles held by Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci, this movie couldn't be anything other than amazing.

The movie undoubtedly has Tim Burton's stamp on it.  From his trade mark creepy twisted tree, to the beautiful monochromatic look of the film, to the toothy, grinning jack o' lanterns, I believe that Burton did justice to the original story, which was written by Washington Ivring in 1820.

Elfman's score lends a haunting, deep, dramatic & foreboding element to the film.  It's a perfect mix of soft sleepy melodies, which gently lead the viewer through the Hollow, mixed with chilling violin chords and blasting tuba's eliciting goosebumps during the haunting/action portions of the movie.

Depp gives a superbly dramatic and often humorous performance as Ichabod Crane.  I think that my favorite thing about the character was his squeamishness toward the gruesome things that he encounters in the film. 

Below is the original trailer which shows a lot of very nice clips from the film.


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