Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael's 2013

*Tried to post this two weeks ago when my typing problem started! Here's a few fun things that I found during one of my recent trips to Michaels :) Hope you enjoy!

The Spooky Town collection has really stepped it up this year, with more traditional Halloween themed pieces, unlike the last few years, where everything was really brightly colored carnival type pieces. There's a really neat bell tower with spinning gears and a fun wedding chapel of sorts that plays a quirky little tune that I just can't get enough of :) So far, I've purchased a very cool Angel of Death monument, which has flapping wings and wicked lighting :)Of course all of the pieces are pricey and I was fortunate enough to find a 50% off coupon when I bought my piece. Full price was $50.00. I think that they've gone a bit over-board with pricing these pieces. Their assortment of paper mache pieces this year are fun too. I'm really digging the little paper mache JOL pails, like the one in the last picture. I may have to get a few to paint a la Pumpkinrot/Pumpkin Hollow style, with the burnt out looking eyes and mouth. I think that would look really neat. I might even add a flicker candle to the inside for extra effect :) More pictures to come!


  1. Love it! I was at Michaels too this weekend. I noticed the bell tower as well and love it! I took a couple of pic there too and posted them on my blog, Ivory Pumpkin. I'm doing a countdown to Halloween too. Come on over for a spell and some witches brew!

  2. Love the Spooky Town collection. The witches hats are to die for. I could use one of each!

  3. We have some stuff in ours but I'm not sure that's all of it. Seemed kind of meager and leftover designs and decorations from last year.
    Oh, and is it just me or does the Lemax Spooky Town setups look like the display builder's heart just wasn't in it? Their setups at Halloween and Christmas used to be much more detailed at our stores.

  4. Looks like Michaels really has their stuff out! I haven't been to any stores that were this well stocked yet. I know what you mean about the prices. Michaels still seems to have better prices than Jo-Ann Fabrics lately. I bought a bunch of clearance stuff at Michaels after Halloween last year, and I can't remember what most of it was! The prices were 80-90% off and I went nuts. :)

    By the way, I found a use for a few of those little leaf punch-outs you sent with the CD last Halloween: