Friday, August 30, 2013

The Ghost Inside My Child

This is quickly becoming my new Monday night obsession. The Ghost Inside My Child chronicals the stories of children who display evidence of having lived a past life. The first hand accounts for their guardians are the stuff goosebumps are made of. I cannot even imagine what my reaction would be if a child told me the things that these children are telling their parents. I do remember that my mom said that when my brother was little, he would mumble about things that she thought a child of his age wouldn't know about and when she'd ask him about it, he would say, "You wouldn't understand". That always gave me chills and I that he would have offered more information. It was have been intresting to know what he was talking about and what he may have experienced. Even my mom said that she had an extreme moment of deja vu upon seeing a picture of a catacomb in a school text book. From what I've seen the past two weeks on the show, the children that experience this, are very young. Most under the age of 4. It also seems that as the child aged, their memories of their past life faded. It's a very intresting concept that has me staying up WAY too late on Monday nights. If you haven't seen it all ready, go check it out:


  1. Reminds me of the classic short story "Thus I refute Beelzy".

    There's a great reading of it by Vincent Price:

  2. ooooOOooo! I'll have to check that story out! Thanks for the recommendation!