Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend Projects!

I was very happy to be able to get some more projects started this weekend and I'm pleased with the outcome so far.

 First, I worked on a skirt for my costume to wear to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year.

 I'm not usually one to embark on big sewing projects, b/c frankly, sewing machines scare me. That needle plunging in and out of the machine looks like a finger's worst NIGHTMARE! So, everything that I do is by hand. Now, I have to be honest, I basically pinned squares of 3 different types of fabric to an old black skirt that I had lying around the house. So, all that I'll have to do is stitch the squares to it. ;) Why recreate the wheel, right?!?!?

Second, I worked on an obelisk that I have been wanting to tackle for the past two years, but was intimidated by it of because it involved angles.

 The angles weren't that bad... after my husband showed me how to use a square :) If it hadn't been for the fact that the measurements were specified for 1 inch foam and I was using 1/2 inch foam, it would have come out perfect. But, because of that difference (which I didn't realize until later), the top/point of the obelisk proved to be a little challenging, as I had to shave off foam as I went to make it fit right.

 It's not perfect, but the imperfections will not be noticable when it's in the display. It's a huge relief to get these things started.

We also ordered a bunch of moving pieces from here:

 There's still a lot to do, as always, but this makes me feel better. Now, if I can just get my husband motivated, we'll be doing good!!!

 Happy Haunting!

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