Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remembering Edgar...

Every October 7th, Edgar's stone goes out in my yard, accompanied by fresh flowers.  October 7, 1849 was his actual death date.  I read that his funeral was attended by less than 10 people :( I thought that was pretty sad, so I make sure to remember him on his day.


  1. That is pretty kind of you. Maybe you were a distant relative in a former life. ;)

  2. The sad news is that back in June of this year ,in Baltimore ...the city had cut all funding that supported the "Row House" & Museum of mr. Poe..... so it had to close its door and most likely sell off the items that were displayed there ...Mr. Paul Clemmings ( Young star of the 1980 horror movie "the Beast Within"...) is a Professor at a major University and considered the nation's leading authority on E.A. Poe....

  3. A fitting Hallows Eve memorial for such a deeply talented man!