Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black Licorice Cupcakes

I've been in full swing baking mode lately.  I mean, who can blame me after getting my super-duper ORANGE Kitchen-aid mixer for Christmas? ;)

Usually, I'm a cookie kind of gal, but lately, I've fallen into the cupcake craze. While randomly reading recipies on a cupcake blog, I came upon a link that made my baking and Halloween senses tingle!

Paula Deen's Black Licorice Cupcakes!  How have I not stumbled upon this delightful treasure before now?

The licorice flavor comes from anise extract in the cupcakes and in the icing.  The addition of orange in the icing has really got me excited about trying this recipe.  I LOVE anise cookies, so I can imagine, that this will be equally delicious :)

I'm hoping to whip these gems up within the next few weeks.  I'll do a review when I do.  In the mean time, if you'd like to try them out yourself, you can find the recipe here: Paula Deen's Black Licorice Cupcakes

Bake Sale: Black Licorice Cupcakes
(Photo from the Paula Deen Website)

Happy Haunty Baking!!!

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