Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Do Zombies Do When the Apocolypse Doesn't Happen?

They go to Mardi Gras of course!

The zombies were out in full force this year,which should be no surprise since their big day of the year didn't work out.  I guess they figured since they were all ready out of the grave, they'd have a little fun before they returned to their crypts to wait for the next apocalypse.

The first zombie group that we ran into, were being regulated by a team of Steampunks. 

They had a really cool horse.... um... Steampunk drawn hearse.

The zombies even had their own motorized transportation.  I guess that the Steampunk crew had trained them.  Who knew zombies could be good drivers?  This could of course blow up in our faces one day as this is a way quicker mode of transportation than shambling.  Luckily, these guys were in good spirits and of course, they had Steampunks keeping a very watchful eye on them.

But then they stopped and the zombies were quickly amused with all of the fresh brains around them.  The Steampunkers loudly announced to keep away from the zombies...unfortunately, the zombies weren't given any instructions to stay away from the people. Epic fail Steampunkers!

One of these zombies got VERY close to us, but apparently, the Steampunkers had them under some kind of sedation or Jedi mind control, because the zombies didn't really seem all that interested in our brains. Just to be safe, we decided to move along to enjoy more Mardi Gras festivities and to have lunch.

 We found an empty bench near Cafe Du Monde. As we sat eating and enjoying the sights, my Mom barely escaped an encounter with a zombie who had been part of law-enforcement before he was infected.  Fortunately he bought my mom's story about not having a brain and kindly posed for a picture with her ;)  Zombies really aren't very intelligent.

We seemed to be in the clear as we were finishing our lunch, until a man in a kilt told us that we had front row seating to free entertainment and he wasn't joking!
A whole band, literally, of zombies came shambling and dancing and playing instruments right in front of us and proceeded up to the river front.


Apparently this guy has a new strain of the zombie infection.  He wanted brains or... well... take a look...

Only in New Orleans ;)

After the zombie parade had cleared, it looked like we'd make a clean get away with our brains still in tact.  That is, until we noticed this really cool shopping cart that had been turned into a zombie wagon :)  I was commenting that I thought they left it and that we should take it, until....

This guy, came out of the blue!!!


And tried to eat Mom's brain!!!

 Luck for her, zombies really don't like the taste of hairspray.  So, he kissed her on the cheek and wished her a Happy Mardi Gras instead :)  What a nice zombie!

See, zombies were people too!  And they can have fun without the stupid apocalypse ;)

Happy Haunting!!!
-The Countess

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