Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Your Pumpkins Early...

Sounds like the country is suffering a pumpkin shortage this year:
This isn't the first time though my friends.  In 2009, there was a shortage of canned pumpkin:

It made me a very nervous person last year in the middle of September when canned pumpkin was no where to be found.  The first time that I saw it on shelves a few weeks later, I grabbed 4 cans :)  I didn't know what I was going to make, but I knew that I needed them :) 

So, get out there and get your pumpkins! I actually acquired 3 this weekend :)  My mom and Dad surprised me with a mini one, which has a beautiful stem on it, I bought one when I went to the grocery and yesterday, a friend surprised me with one that is the most flawless pumpkin I have ever seen. 

Pumpkiny pictures to follow :)


  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to get some this weekend

  2. I have harvested most of my pumpkins... so far 5 large "warty"(including a 30-something lbs one named "Gordo") 3 regular "pumpkin" and one "jack-o-lantern" and one "Small sugar"... about 4 or 5 more growing.... and two early harvests (as with mot of my harvest ... this was due to "Vine Death" or "Vine Rot"...) oh well this was my first attempt at a garden... Mabey I will do better next year... Your web-site and "Mr. Kreeg's" house (in the film "Trick-r-Treat") were the "inspiration" to even attempt ... So thanks to you and "Pumpkin-Rott" Check out my Blog "Dr. Theda's Crypt"... I will be posting updates of my harvest

  3. I haven't seen any pumpkins in Eugene yet. Are they withholding pumpkin dispersal to the northwest? Fiends!

  4. @ Stacey, I am so glad that you got a few good pumpkins out of your patch! :) I have two small ones that survived the vine borer invasion. I'll have to post pictures of them soon. I'm not sure that I'll plant another patch after the frustration that I endured this year :(